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The Monsignor Richard A. Behl Endowment Fund

The Monsignor Richard A. Behl Endowment Fund is a permanent endowment established in 2008 to provide interest and dividends to enhance the school’s curriculum.  The Endowment Fund will enable us to continue to offer a rigorous Catholic education to our current and future students who are counting on St. Francis for their start in school and their faith formation.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated and is fully tax-deductible.  Checks should be made payable to The Monsignor Behl Endowment Fund.  We thank you for your generosity and support.

What to Give
Of the many ways to give to the Endowment Fund, most donors choose cash and cash equivalents, whether as annual gifts, a one-time gift, or a gift pledged over a period of years.

Tax Advantages
Any gift entitles you to the most generous federal income tax charitable deduction up to 50 percent of adjusted gross income. If all deductible gifts to the Fund in that year exceed the 50-percent limit, the excess amount may be carried over as a deduction for up to five years.

By Check
Your check should be made payable to the Monsignor Behl Endowment Fund, and can be mailed to the following address.  Please feel free to call with any questions.

The Monsignor Richard A. Behl Endowment Fund
St. Francis Cathedral School
c/o Barbara Stevens, M.S., Principal
528 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840
phone:  732-548-3107

Matching Programs
Many companies will make a matching gift to St. Francis Cathedral School’s Monsignor Behl Endowment Fund when one of their employees makes a donation.

Memorial Gifts
A memorial gift is a meaningful way to remember a loved one; many students will benefit from your gift year after year.

Appreciated Securities
Take one of the most significant IRS tax breaks for gifts of appreciated securities.

Business Interests
Give an interest in a closely-held or family business.

Life Insurance
Give a policy whose coverage you no longer need to our students.

Personal Property
Donate artwork or equipment and secure an income tax deduction.

Real Estate
Make a substantial gift to the Monsignor Behl Endowment Fund through a donation of residential, commercial, or undeveloped real estate.

Retirement Plans
The balance of your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to our students than to your heirs.

Planned Gifts
We would be happy to discuss these options with you and can help you plan a gift to benefit the Monsignor Behl Endowment Fund. 

Please contact the school at 732-548-3107.  Thank you for your generosity and support for our students and our mission.


Monsignor Behl
Monsignor Behl celebrates a school Liturgy

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